Revamp Your Festive Decor with the CTS-T2: The Ultimate Christmas Tree Stand

Revamp Your Festive Decor with the CTS-T2: The Ultimate Christmas Tree Stand

As the festive season approaches, Melbourne residents and beyond are on the lookout for innovative ways to adorn their homes and spread holiday cheer. Enter the CTS-T2, a turntable that's not just for product displays, but is also your next go-to Christmas tree stand.

A Modern Twist to Traditional Decor

Gone are the days of static Christmas tree setups. The CTS-T2 introduces dynamic movement to your festive decor, allowing for a 360-degree view of your beautifully decorated tree. From sparkling tinsel to heirloom ornaments, every facet of your tree gets its moment in the spotlight.

Durable and Adaptable Design

With a robust Plastic+MDF construction, the CTS-T2 promises stability for your tree. Available in classic white and black, it effortlessly complements any decorative theme. Its 40cm diameter and 6cm height offer ample support, ensuring your tree remains the centrepiece of your festive decor.

Rotating Excellence

Its varied rotation speeds - 0.67RPM for 30kg and 1 RPM for 20kg - ensure a smooth and mesmerising spin, capturing the essence of the holiday spirit. Moreover, its rotating outlet on top allows for dynamic light displays, ensuring your tree shines bright and merry from every angle.

Power and Compatibility

The CTS-T2 operates on either AC110V or AC220V and includes a plug and universal socket. Its CE/FCC/ROHS certification stands as a testament to its quality and reliability, ensuring your tree remains lit and rotating throughout the festive season.

Melbourne's holiday season is set to shine brighter with the CTS-T2. While traditionally known for product and prototype displays, this versatile turntable transforms into the ultimate Christmas tree stand, bringing movement, light, and joy to your festive decor.

Embrace innovation even in your holiday traditions. Elevate your Christmas decor with the dynamic, reliable, and versatile CTS-T2. Celebrate the festive season like never before!

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