Introducing the CTS-T2: Revolutionizing Product Displays

Introducing the CTS-T2: Revolutionizing Product Displays

Welcome to the future of product showcasing, right here from the heart of Melbourne. We're thrilled to present our latest innovation, the CTS-T2 Turntable — a game-changer for creators, innovators, and businesses alike.

The world of product display and photography has seen various tools and methods, but none as efficient, versatile, and captivating as the CTS-T2. Here's why:

Dimension and Structure

Measuring at a diameter of 40cm and height of 6cm, the CTS-T2 provides an ample platform for a range of products. Its construction combines the sturdiness of Plastic+MDF, ensuring durability while maintaining a sleek aesthetic in both classic white and black.

Performance and Features

With rotation speeds adaptable to the product's weight - 0.67RPM for 30kg and 1 RPM for 20kg - this turntable ensures a smooth and consistent display. Powered by either AC110V or AC220V, the CTS-T2 also comes with a plug and universal socket, making it user-friendly and globally compatible. Furthermore, it boasts the prestigious CE/FCC/ROHS certification, underscoring its quality and reliability.

Unique Selling Proposition

What sets the CTS-T2 apart is its innovative feature: a rotating outlet on the top. This allows for dynamic presentations, combining motion and power in one seamless display, perfect for those intricate products requiring rotation while being powered.

In today's competitive market, the way you present your product can set you apart. And with the rise of online shopping, having a tool that allows for a 360-degree view of your product, prototype, or any creative display not only provides a better customer experience but also gives an edge over static displays.

For those based in Melbourne and beyond, Squadwerk is proud to be at the forefront of innovation, providing tools like the CTS-T2 that streamline and enhance the innovation process.

So, whether you're a photographer aiming to captivate with dynamic shots, a business seeking to elevate product presentations, or an innovator looking to display a prototype in its full glory, the CTS-T2 is your answer.

Join us in revolutionizing product displays. Dive into the world of dynamic showcasing with the CTS-T2.

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