Boost Your Product Display with the Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional 360° Motorized Turntable

Boost Your Product Display with the Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional 360° Motorized Turntable

Melbourne's innovative scene just got an upgrade. Introducing Squadwerk's Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional 360° Motorized Turntable - 60cm, a game-changer for businesses and photographers alike. This premium tool, with a whopping 150kg capacity, is set to revolutionise how products are showcased.

Here's Why Every Innovator Needs One:

  1. Universal Compatibility: Our turntable is crafted to handle a voltage range of 110-240V. Whether you're in Melbourne or halfway across the world, it's designed to serve you.

  2. Serenity in Motion: No more disturbing motor noises. With noise levels restricted between 50db to 70db, your studio remains calm, allowing you to concentrate solely on your craft.

  3. Show Every Side: Thanks to its 360-degree electric rotation, your audience won't miss a thing. From intricate design details to the overall shape, present every facet of your product or prototype with clarity.

  4. Remote-Controlled Convenience: No need to move an inch. Control the turntable's operation remotely, allowing you to adjust and adapt in real-time.

  5. Custom Rotation Speeds: Whether you need a slow display or a quicker rotation for a specific shot, adjust the speed seamlessly to fit your requirements.

  6. Built to Carry the Weight: With a robust 150kg load capacity, whether it's a delicate prototype or a hefty product, this turntable can handle it.

  7. Flexibility in Motion: Swap between clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations swiftly, giving you the freedom to choose your display's flow.

Melbourne's innovators, photographers, and creators, it's time to elevate your presentations and photography sessions. The Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional 360° Motorized Turntable, priced at $250.00 AUD, promises not just to showcase your products but to highlight your vision and dedication. Dive into the future of product displays; Squadwerk has just the tool you need.

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